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Lamps, furniture, bedding, decorations, etc! 1772 pieces! A-WARE

You can find there home and garden furniture, mirrors, lamps, pillows, blankets, pillowcases, decorative accessories and much more! Sale only as a whole, specification available on email/WhatsApp request!
Lamps, furniture, bedding, decorations, etc! 1772 pieces! <b>A-WARE</b>

MIX pallets at a great price - 700 euro/net

Great offer, pallets with multimedia equipment, household appliances, tools, small electronics, consoles and much more! Fixed price 700 euro/net - no specifications!
<b>NEW DELIVERY</b><br />
MIX pallets at a great price - <b>700 euro/net</b>

UMA Cosmetics
0.33 euro/net per piece!

Great offer of UMA cosmetics! At a great price, large quantities! Contact us to see the offer!
<b>UMA Cosmetics</b><br />
<b>0.33</b> euro/net per piece!

1 Pallet - 450 euro/netto

Great offer of a pallets with garden products, pools, vacuum for pools, gas grills and many more. Always at attractive prices.
<b>GARDEN / POOLS</b><br />
1 Pallet - 450 euro/netto

Germany company,
german quaility

The most attractive offers of audio-video equipment, including TVs, monitors, dvd players, hi-fi and many more. Always at attractive prices.
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<b>Germany</b> company,<br />
german <b>quaility</b>

We ship pallets!
Transport from 80 EUR/net

Take advantage of the courier transport service straight to your company! Quickly and efficiently! We ship to all of Poland!
<b>We ship pallets!</b><br />
Transport from 80 EUR/net
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Pickup in person from the warehouse, Pallet delivery by courier.

Origin of goods

Goods from German supermarkets.

Class of goods

Class A, B or C retourware.

The minimum purchase

Most often - one pallet.

Exim Handels GmbH currently holds a solid and leading position in the international trade of retourware goods.

We specialize in selling consumer returns, end-of-series, excess production and store surpluses. Our goods are primarily of high quality and attractive price. We have chosen customer satisfaction as the most important goal, and thus the sale of a good quality assortment.

Quality is the basic criterion for us when selecting manufacturers and products appearing in our offer.

We are a German trading company specializing in the sale of consumer returns, end-of-series, overproduction and store surpluses.

Exim Handels GmbH was established in 2010. The favorable location of the company and the effective development policy of the company make our company grow dynamically from year to year.

The dynamics of the company’s development is confirmed by the fact that we have a wide range of goods that our customers can stock their stores with or conduct online sales.

Over 16 years on the market

High quality of goods

Due to the fact that most of our assortment are branded products, often from the high-end

We offer you effective, long-term and friendly cooperation.

By expanding our activities, we are interested in establishing commercial cooperation with major foreign partners. In order to meet you, we can conduct business talks in Polish, English, German and Ukrainian.

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